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TOTAL WHITE is a Kyiv-born blanc–à–porter brand that gives white clothes a whole new meaning.

Effortless elegance, humble perfection, simple radiance - while the versatility of white color is hard to overestimate, wearing it has always been a statement. Seemingly vulnerable in front of the blessed mess of daily life, a person dressed in white is all about an easy-going energy, showing that you should not be afraid of doing what warms your heart. 

The concept of blanc-à-porter explains the idea best: downplayed to special occasions and yacht trips for years, white garments were adorned with senses that do not stand a chance in modern world. For the new generations, luxury is something approachable yet game changing: manifesting freedom and absolute confidence, TOTAL WHITE looks say it all without saying too much. 

Impressed by the timelessness of white clothes, the TOTAL WHITE team shows how simple looks could become a canvas to be painted with one’s own stories. Initially founded in 2017 as a bridal fashion brand, it soon grew to something bigger, going casual with its intricate pieces. The brand now issues four seasonal drops per year, complementing them with limited bridal capsules.


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